Who I am-and why I am here

What a great assignment from WordPress-tell us why you’re here and who you are.

Who I am has been difficult to answer lately, which may be why I am writing publicly, rather than keeping a journal. The accountability factor is huge, and for this purpose, it amounts to telling the truth, out loud, rather than quietly between the covers of a journal which only my eyes will ever see.

Who I am-for some reason it always starts in my mind with where I’ve come from, and as a new acquaintance forcibly reminded me, “that’s your obituary!” Active mode: I am a facilitator-of conversations, projects, situations. I’m a diagnostician of organizational blockages, and I love to connect people to other people, information and new ways of seeing the world.

Why I’m here? Truth telling, but also it’s a way to share what I learn, connect out and about, and, with any luck, engage in conversations that are positive, create community, and build strengths for all of us.

As I put more words and paragraphs together I expect I’ll write about the worlds of nonprofits, learning, storytelling, organizational growth and strategic planning-in my mind the two are interconnected-as well as various “extra curricular” topics that strike my fancy.

So this first post is short-more to come, and thanks for reading if you happen to stumble across this post.